[Operation Guidance] Egreat A5/A10 New Function Show-- AUTO Passthrough Output

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    New Function Show-- AUTO Passthrough Output
    As usual, TV only supports PCM2.0 audio Signal, which is decoding output. Power amplifier can support high quality audio signal including Dolby Atoms, if the audio output in the system is wrong, which will be no sound out, or can’t reach the highest quality audio. From Egreat official EN V1.0.2.1 firmware, adding passthrough AUTO function, it is factory default setting. When you start Egreat A5/A10, system will recognize automatically audio formats and output right audio data accordingly based on HDMI connection peripheral supporting, to get the best quality sound effect.


    Setting-->Sound-->Passthrough->Auto, default “Auto”.

    When you connect the normal TV, the audio will be switched PCM2.0 decoding output automatically, TV can have the right audio output for all playback. If you connect the TV with DTS or Dolby AC3 format decoding (such as song TV), SoundBar or other audio converter peripherals, then the sound output will be DTS and AC3 format. When the system detects the AV power amplifier supporting all formats audio, which will output the all formats audio passthrough, then you can get the best sound effect enjoyment.

    Notice: When it is passthrough output, the volume control of Media Player A5/A10 won’t work. The volume only can be adjusted by peripherals (such as TV or power amplifier).

    When the TV or power amplifier can’t provide audio format supporting list by HDMI (old TV or amplifier), AUTO switching passthrough output can’t recognize the right audio format, TV maybe no any sound output, or amplifier maybe no multichannel output. Then you need choose passthrough off setting for TV, and passthrough on for AV amplifier, to get the right audio output.
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