[Operation Guidance] One-key Switchover Function on Audio Track and Subtitle Show

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    New Function Show-- One-key Switchover Function on Audio Track and Subtitle Show

    Many years ago, one-key switchover function on subtitle/audio track has already been implemented in Egreat media player. It offered the users who were often switching subtitle and audio track, and has been used for many years.

    Users must encounter the situation that they don’t know how many times to be able to select right one when they use one-key switchover function, and stuttering caused by switching over and over. It is the deficiency of all switchover function.

    But today, Egreat redefined one-key switchover function on subtitle/audio track, it elevated to implement one-key switchover, as well as more subtitle/audio track list, the number of pressing needed and the purpose of switchover are showed clearly. Meanwhile can use up and down arrow keys to quickly switch between multiple subtitles and audio tracks, also no stuttering during whole switchover process.
    Audio Track.jpg

    To press “subtitle”or “audio track”key on remote for opening new design on selection menu of “subtitle” or “audio track”during movie playback.


    In the meantime if continue to press ”subtitle” or ” audio track” key, the subtitle or audio track will be automatically switched to next one. Keep on pressing, the subtitle or audio track will be continually switched to next one, and the list will be updated. So it can keep one-key switchover function and show what is next one, and only needs to press a few keys to get what you want. When users quickly press “subtitle ” or “audio track” key, menu will be quickly updated, but it will not be immediately switched. Until stopping pressing, switchover will take effect.

    When opening “subtitle ”or “audio track”menu, users can also quickly press up and down arrow key to select the one what they want. Unless pressing “OK”key, the track can’t be switched. To ensure the playback smoothness.

    Moreover, because the subtitle and audio track switching often happened at the same time, so we designed subtitle switchover and audio track switchover will be exchanged via pressing left and right arrow key during menu opening. No need to close this menu and repress “subtitle”and “audio track”for opening this same menu.
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