possibility to edit information about movies and TV shows on PC

Discussion in 'Suggestions for Egreat' started by ZiRoKooL, Feb 27, 2018.

  1. ZiRoKooL

    ZiRoKooL New Member

    If you have a large database with movies and serials, changing posters and information about them seems like a crazy occupation with the remote control. since very much of the information is not there or is not right!
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  2. Rita

    Rita Administrator Staff Member

    yes, good suggestion, will feedback to our R&D team, thanks.
  3. nenito2k

    nenito2k Well-Known Member

    @ZiRoKooL you are aware that there are some free tools that do that on pc right? With the huge wishlist that awaits egreat..there really is no time to waste on such things rita...
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