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  1. Iron man

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    How to install:

    1. Copy the apk download link of poster 3.0 to the browser address bar on the computer, and click 'Enter' to download.
    2. Then copy the apk of poster 3.0 apk to the U disk (or storage of mobile hard disk), insert it into the USB port of the machine, and click "all files" to install it.
    3. After installation, open the "video" again, and then press the "menu" button of the remote control to select the "force refresh" option in the upper right corner, and the movie poster in the hard drive will be brushed out.

    Download link:

    1. New data of variety shows and documentaries;
    2. Fix the problem that crash may occur during forced refresh;
    3. Add the log collection when the software crashes;
    4. Solve the version of the search network neighbors may crash.
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  2. Nice Monkey

    Nice Monkey Active Member

    I don't have access to this site (IP-address unreachable).
  3. E_CS

    E_CS Well-Known Member

    EgreatPoster_v3.2.9.apk mirror mediafire
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  4. Nice Monkey

    Nice Monkey Active Member

    Thanks E_CS :)
    Looks stable to me thus far. Both on my A10 and my A11.

    Can you confirm my problem with Music Player "Audio source output" not working.
    Tried everything on both A10 (Android 7) and A11 (Android 5).

    Tried also to move back to Android 5 on my A10 but did not succeed with that either.
    Get the error at 30% install constantly.
    Learned from Dinobot (same Hisillicon SOC) that a special update image is needed for A5 => A7 upgrades and for A7 => A5 downgrades. These work in one go, but standard updates can't be used.
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  5. nenito2k

    nenito2k Well-Known Member

    wow did not even see this until now ! @Iron man please tell us what is happening in egreat !!! it's been 6 months since any real news ! obviously egreat is NOT dead yet as this release 7 still BETA after 2 years ?!!
  6. nenito2k

    nenito2k Well-Known Member

    Many people don't know this..but a very convenient way to install apk on great is using the remote cletus play! Just send the apk that you have on your phone and it installs on your great..!!!!
  7. E_CS

    E_CS Well-Known Member

    Now option now to learn from Dinobot about use partchange inside of standard HiSilicon repartion from bootargs.bin.
    For downgrade from Android 7.0 to Android 5.1.1 on Egreat A5/A10 always try FW v1.0.7 with, bootargs.bin, fastboot.bin, recovery.img and flash to connect to USB 2.0, if not work then connect to USB 3.0.
  8. Nice Monkey

    Nice Monkey Active Member

    Tried it using FW as well as with the most recent FW with these results:
    - USB2 port: The ring appears and after a short time it starts to boot normally.
    - USB3 port: The ring appears and a flash read is started till roughly 30% then it crashes and the dead robot appears with the red ! triangle.
    Using the same stick as working for regular emergency flashing (same Android generation).

    My educated guess the bootloaders are incompatible: Android 5 showing the Robot and Android 7 showing the Ring.
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  9. depmesh

    depmesh Active Member

    Does this version play alongside PosterWall 2 or replaces it?
    What I mean is if I install it and don't like it, can I uninstall it and still have the old poster app?
    I am on A10 android 7 latest beta.
  10. Nice Monkey

    Nice Monkey Active Member

    Yes it works alongside. You need to start it manual with your setup as PW2 will remain the default.
    Use the same on my A10.
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  11. depmesh

    depmesh Active Member

    I asked because Iron man in the original posts says
    "3. After installation, open the "video" again, and then press the "menu" button of the remote control to select the "force refresh" option in the upper right corner, and the movie poster in the hard drive will be brushed out."

    So I understood that after installation PW3 becomes the default.
    Anyway, I'll try it tonight and report my findings.
  12. Nice Monkey

    Nice Monkey Active Member

    In combination with A10BD_EN_Firmware_20200113_v1.5.1.0 it will become the default indeed. Latest Android 5 FW.
  13. depmesh

    depmesh Active Member

    In latest Android 7 Beta, it indeed installs as a regular app

    Since the last time I tried PW3, it has become slightly better at scraping, but again huge errors at recognizing movies and especially series in comparison to PW2

    If your main use is series watching, it is unusable. Apart from the errors at scraping, it presents all the episodes of all the seasons at once and does not provide info on the poster as to which episode each poster is and you need to click on the poster to see which episode it represents, thus requiring extra clicks. One would think that at least episode posters would be in order, but no, they are presented completely randomly.

    There are also bugs at adding more than one network share (at least NFS ones), the settings option is worthless and generally PW3 is cumbersome, buggy, and for my taste uglier than its predecessor .

    Last time I tried PW3 was another beta 9 months ago. The same problems. Thus, the only change is slightly better recognition of movies/series. Huge fail and regression, in my opinion, PW2 is miles ahead in user friendliness .

    That's just my opinion, based on my usage and needs.
  14. nenito2k

    nenito2k Well-Known Member

    i confirm @depmesh hard can it be to make W3 as good as W2...they are the same database ?!! i don't understand EGREAT! this is BAD BAD

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