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    THXTEX Member

    Can't get it to work.

    The files section is the root directory. Can't delete, can't amend. I like to point the poster wall (as in V2) to specific sections of my JBOD.

    Even SMB won't work pointing the files section to specific directories of the drives that are already attached!

    Back to good old version 2 for me.
  2. Werner cools

    Werner cools New Member

    Movie posters just showed up but many are wrong.
    Editing is possible but are all the wrong suggestions...
    For example: queen Hungarian Rhapsody live 1986 shows a very wrong poster. The v2 poster was correct...

    THXTEX Member

    I've had a few like that on V2 though. M*A*S*H the TV series is coming up as The Mash Report.

    Das Boot, the 2019 TV series sometimes comes out as the 1981 mini series. That changes every time I do a rescan or a rebuild. I've been doing a lot of re-organising and moving files around my JBOD as I was running out of space, hence the rebuilds!

    I'll change it to V3 later tonight and leave it. See what it comes out with in the morning, but I'm guessing that without the ability to point the path towards the directories I want to scan, and not the root of my drives, it will pull though my GoPro 4K footage, a myriad of stand up comedy DVD's it won't recognise, plus a load of TV series DVD's I have that it's never been able to resolve, even after the help of FileBot. Most of them aren't recognised by that app either though.

    I get the feeling that I'll probably give V3 a miss until the path issue is fixed.
  4. Werner cools

    Werner cools New Member

    We just need a bit of patience I guess.
    It's still a BETA version...

    Good luck

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    THXTEX Member

    Left it overnight. Turned out to be a bit of a mess. Going to stick with V2 for now. At least it remembers where it was when you switch back.

    I do appreciate that it's still in beta, but I've never seen a beta that far out of shape. I'll keep an eye open for any additional updates.
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  6. MNegron

    MNegron Member

    I have Egreat A11, when i went to add my Samba share drive, i can't enter my password credentials cause its all in Chinese language, so i couldn't use it. Is there a workaround on this?

    THXTEX Member

    Not that I'm aware of, or can think of.

    We do know that it's in "BETA", but it's barely working. Let support know via email because I'm not sure how much support is gained through the forums any more.

    There wasn't even an announcement for the update!

    EDIT: Found the announcement on the A5 section of the forum.
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  8. Werner cools

    Werner cools New Member

    I leave it on v2 for now.
    I'll try v3 again over 1 month or so
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