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Discussion in 'A5 Professional 4K HDR Blu-ray HDD Media Player.' started by Eric The Viking, Jul 27, 2019.

  1. Eric The Viking

    Eric The Viking Active Member

    Hi I need help advice from you guys on here I Presume all of you get your posters OK what you Got on your Hard drives Well I do not. I have a 4Tb internal Hard Drive that has 260 films on it the most it can find is 70 and that is it all the others a 150 odd it can not find which is DAM silly!! I have tried this a few time . I go to settings Libraries Path Math management delete all paths Then go to Settings then General and Data rest then try adding source again which I have tried a few times like I said tried that it might find a few more but not the rest of the 15o films I have on the Hard Drive . This is Getting me right down if I had Hair I would pull it out:mad: Is it me doing something wrong or is there a different route to go I do not use Kodi to diffcult for me to use. Hope one of you guys can help me here. Thanks

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