R200S-II support 2TB HDD

Discussion in 'R200S-II 4K UHD HDD Media Player.' started by Dennis, Jan 16, 2017.

  1. Dennis

    Dennis Active Member

    R200S-II support 2TB HDD, fans option.
  2. Aleksandr

    Aleksandr New Member


    I have R200S-II during 1 year, but still I have a problem using HDD in internal tray.
    When I bought it technical spec said th.at it can support HDD up to 4TB.
    So I bought one 4TB HDD, but device doesn't see it.
    I separate it into 2TB and unused space, but still device doesn't see.
    HDD was formated in NTFS.

    So my question: if I byu 2TB HDD and format it into NTFS will system see it?
    May be I miss something, and there is disabled option in setting?
    Can you give me advice or tip?

  3. Tom.W

    Tom.W New Member

    Does the R2008-11 read both GPT and MBR HDD formats ? MBR limit is 2TB anything over 2TB has to be GPT older players are usually just MBR so they will see a 2TB drive but not larger...

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