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  1. tsbrownie

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    Hi Dennis, I tried installing an additional video player and it seems to have damaged the codecs for the eGreat's default "VidelPlayer ver 1.0" player. Is it possible for me to reinstall just the codes or VideoPlayer without reinstalling the whole R200S-II_v1.0.37_20170206 upgrade? Thank you.
  2. Rita

    Rita Administrator Staff Member

    Hello @tsbrownie , No, please reinstall the whole firmware.
  3. tsbrownie

    tsbrownie New Member

    Thank you Dennis. I think I need new glasses because you look like a beautiful woman!
  4. tsbrownie

    tsbrownie New Member

    Reinstalled and working. We have modified the instructions. Thought you might find it useful.
    Note: USB stick must NOT have default or burned in utilities, password aps or other software.
    Format FAT32.

    1. Download the latest firmware, file name should be xxx.zip, unzip before copy them into fat32 format 2.0 USB stick root folder.
    - bootargs.bin
    - fastboot.bin
    - recovery.img
    - update.zip

    2. Unplug the power adapter, then Plug USB stick into this **2.0 USB** port (ensure USB drive re-format FAT32). (Unplug the HDMI and Ethernet as well.)

    3. Pressing the RST with needle before plugging in the power adapter untill the Android robot is processing on the screen, then stop pressing the RST;

    4. Please wait patiently until R200S-II / R6S-II reboots to the main screen after new firmware installed.

    Egreat R200S-II, the instruction to use remote controller to upgrade in system( if method1 upgrade fail or hard to do)

    1. Download the latest firmware, file name should be xxx.zip, unzip before copy them into fat32 format 2.0 USB stick root folder.

    2.Plug USB stick into the USB port, route: Homepage-> Settings->About-> `USB local update`;

    3.Select device D, press `OK`, system will verify automatically and copy upgrade file to start upgrade;

    4.When copy finished, press 'Update' button, then system will auto upgrade. Note: Don't power off during upgrading;

    5. It will reboot right after upgrade.

    Clear data if strange problems:
    Go to "Setting"--more setting--Backup&reset--Personal data--Factory data reset, erase it.

    Then Delete everything but these:
    Apps, Booster, Browser++, Camera, Chrome (we added this), Downloads, EgreatUI, Gmail, Google Play Services, Google Play Store, Google Search, Happy cast, hiMediaCenter, Media Center, MiraCast, MXPlayerCodec, QuickSettings, Settings, Shortcuts, X-plore (we added this).


    For our Samsung TV set the eGreat settings:
    Settings -> Resolution: 1080i 50Hz
    Settings -> Options -> Playback Settings -> Preferred Audio Language = Original Language
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  5. jazeet

    jazeet New Member

    hello dennis. im in south Africa. I please need the latest firmware for my egreat r 200 ii pro media player.i would appreciate your help.you may send it to my email..jazeet@protonmail.com..many thanks

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