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    This is a new one to me. Nothing's changed in the home cinema set up in recent months, but in the last few weeks, without warning, the screen blacks out and the sound stops.

    This can happen at any time, in the menus, poster wall, or during playback.

    I have changed the HDMI leads over to another one where I know I get a 4k signal across and it still happens.

    It does not happen when I'm using another source (Sky Q UHD/Amazon Fire TV) so it can't be the amp or the TV screen itself.

    It can only be the A10. I know it's not the screen saver as that has never been switched on.

    Anyone else had an issue with this?
  2. briguy65

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    Does the picture come back? Or do you have to reset the machine? Sometimes mine turns off and it's usually when the internal hard drive has gotten too hot.

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    Yeah, the picture comes back after a few seconds. It's like the HDMI just disconnects for a bit and then reconnects.

    I don't have anything in the internal drive so it shouldn't be getting that hot. The fan controller hardly gets anywhere near the trigger point for starting (I have it on the standard setting).

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    I think I've fixed it. I turned the HDMI cable around (the output from the A10 is now on the input of my receiver, and vice versa) and it seems to have settled down.

    Going to run things to see what happens, but I also have a new HDMI lead on stand by, plus I can order a Zidoo Z9S and have it here in a couple of days.

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