[Solved] A10 Firmware version (OTA) No English version

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    I noticed on my A10 there is a new firmware. I couldn't find the changelogs.

    Afbeelding.jpg Afbeelding 2.jpg
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  3. nenito2k

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    Why does it show on his egreat ?!
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  4. E_CS

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    His Egreat A10 have Chinese version of firmware, build.prop alternate/change it wrong, him install, etc, for fix just reflash a right version.

    Main difference in Chinese firmware are:
    - default language Chinese
    - not google play support
    - App store Chinese version
    - Player Assistant Chinese version
    - Movie poster always preferred Chinese(Vidon source).

    Google translation of Chinese log
    System: volume adjustment subdivided into 100;
    System: Added support for 2.4G wireless remote control;
    System: increase transmission download service;
    System: Optimize multiple system parameters;
    System: Eliminate redundant built-in applications.
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