[Solved] Can we use a hdmi 2.0 splitter for second audio out?

Discussion in 'H10 4K HDMI 2.0a Audio&Video Spliter' started by mdmrx, Dec 22, 2017.

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    thx for the reply..
    i see that splitter gives two video n audio at the same time..the device you mention divides vdeo n audio..
    well splitter has both video n audio, so we can connect one to 4k tv and other to old avr.. is it true?
    seperating video n audio is not important if splitter works fine with both on tv and avr.
    my aim is to get hd sound from my old avr..
    let s think, we connect hdmi 2.0 cable from egreat to splitter in, there are two out-puts on splitter, one to tv with 2.0 cable, can we connect a 1.4 cable to avr?

    can a splitter be used safely? or must i buy the product you offer? splitter is 22 dolars, egreat's 130.

    (i m writing so detailed because my english can be poor )

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    decided to buy a new avr instead of spending lots and risk of not working.. while an avr is 360 dollars, it is not wiser to buy a splitter with 130 dollars :)
    amazon has very good discounts nowadays..
    pioneer vsx-932 n 832: about 305-375 euros(340-415 dollars)

    my current avr is vsx-919, 9-10 years old
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    think you made the right choice injoy your new amp and have fun
  7. Rita

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    H10 does work as your description. It supports 2.0 HDMI cable to TV and 1.4 HDMI cable to avr with HD-Audio output.
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    I use exactly this way. My to has 4k hdr, but my receiver not. So I bought the splitter to separate audio and video.
    Is working dine so far, and my receiver receive just the hd audio track from de egreat, till 7.1 here, no problem.

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