[Solved] H10 handling Dolby Vision correctly

Discussion in 'H10 4K HDMI 2.0a Audio&Video Spliter' started by Shasarak, Jan 17, 2018.

  1. Shasarak

    Shasarak New Member

    I've recently acquired an H10, and it doesn't appear to do what it is advertised as doing.

    What I'm trying to do is watch Netflix with Dolby Vision video and Dolby Digital Plus audio. I own a Chromecast Ultra, which is potentially capable of outputting the correct audio and video, but currently doesn't because of EDID issues.

    The TV (an LG OLED65G6V) actually can handle DD+ audio, but there's a bug in the audio EDID, so it tells sources it can't; but the TV does accept Dolby Vision video. My audio processor can handle DD+ audio and advertises that correctly, but it can't handle Dolby Vision video.

    I had hoped that if I bought an H10, plugged the Chromecast Ultra into the input, the TV into the Main output, and the audio processor into the Audio output, that everything would then work.

    But it doesn't. Instead of outputting Dolby Vision video, the Chromecast Ultra drops back to HDR10. I've tried it in all three possible modes (Main/Audio/Both) and none of them cause the Chromecast Ultra to output Dolby Vision video.

    If I unplug the H10 from the TV and plug the Chromecast Ultra directly into the television (using the same HDMI port) then it outputs Dolby Vision video correctly.

    So, it looks like the H10 is not handling the EDID correctly: it should be taking taking the video EDID (including all the Dolby Vision information) from the TV and the audio information from the audio processor, and feeding that back to the source; but the video EDID (or at least the DV part of it) isn't being correctly fed back to the source.

    Is there anything one can do about this?
  2. nenito2k

    nenito2k Well-Known Member

    egreat products can't handle DV videos...at least correctly, AFAIK you cannot do anything. why not ask before buying ?
  3. Shasarak

    Shasarak New Member

    I did ask before buying, and was told it would handle it correctly.
  4. nenito2k

    nenito2k Well-Known Member

    well there is a "big" topic on DV here...too bad you did not come across it before, have a look
  5. Rita

    Rita Administrator Staff Member

    Hi @Shasarak , For our H10, the chipset hardware does support Dolby Version, can you try to connect the main HDMI only, and see whether have Dolby Vision out?
  6. Shasarak

    Shasarak New Member

    Okay, I will give that a try this evening.
  7. Shasarak

    Shasarak New Member

    That didn't help. I also tried using a higher-quality HDMI cable than the one supplied with the H10 - also no change.

    I'm going to have to return the thing, I'm afraid.
  8. Rita

    Rita Administrator Staff Member

    Hi @Shasarak , we have confirmed that the new firmware can support Dolby version.

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