[Solved] Remote not working?

Discussion in 'A11 Enthusiast 4K UHD HDR Blu-ray HDD Media Player' started by Saberus, Nov 14, 2017.

  1. Saberus

    Saberus Member

    Hi all, just got the A11, and remote doesn't work.. the power button does.. but no other functions, I programmed my harmony and that works fine.. I put new batteries in the A11 remote.. and still, power on/off works.. but nothing else.. activity light comes on when other buttons are pushed.. but again.. no activity.

    thank you.
  2. Saberus

    Saberus Member

    Got it working.. my remote came with bluetooth enabled for default.. it should of been IR
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  3. Markas

    Markas Member

    A11, remote doesn't work.stop work , the power button does , plizz help ???? how to sorted prablem

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