Suddenly all Posters were gone cause A10 created wrong library-path

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  1. halsband

    halsband New Member

    A few days now I'm learning how to ride a A10. Most of the time with enthusiasm ;-)
    But today I start the device for enjoying a movie… and: all posters were gone.
    Here my experiences:
    I tried some fixing ideas from this forum – nothing works (but I don’t try Ritas Hard FW-Reset).
    Yes - I read the MPS-Manual by "Nice Monkey" - but I'm not a technican and English is not my language as well ... A bit complicated to understand all.

    I recognized, that there was suddenly a wrong path for the library. How can this be?
    Normally the internal HDD has to be “/mnt/sda/sda2/ “ – and suddenly offhand it changes to “mnt/sda/sdb2”. ???
    Prior to that sometimes I connected an additionell second USB 3.0 HDD – THIS was correctly mounted as “sdb2”. After the “crash” I found (both HDD connected) two sdb2 paths – one named “sda” but the path was… sdb2. Very Curious. Via Filebrowser all movie playbacks work correct. Only the library-path was corrupt. (Evil Android?)

    I find no way to change the wrong path manually. So I take out the SATA-HDD and connected it by USB-Adapter to my Win-PC. I delete all hidden system-files. After insertion into the A10 everything goes the right way – a new library was created with the correct path. And all Posters find their way, too.

    But this can't be the normal way in the future… Please!!
    Any idea? At least a better workaround?
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  2. E_CS

    E_CS Active Member

    Remove all .vidon folder from disks.
    Move all files in one more subfolder like /mnt/sda/sda2/VideoFromHDD, add on library VideoFromHDD and not sda2, do a same for USB disk VideoFromUSB1. VideoFromUSB2, now you have unique path library for all yours disk and Poster 2.0 will try to use it correctly.
  3. halsband

    halsband New Member

    Oh thanks - this sounds good.I will try it next an report.

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