The best setting for Deep Color

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    The best setting for Deep Color (v2.1):

    1、The deep color effect from the best to Worst:
    RGB444 10bit
    Ycbcr444 10bit
    RGB444 8bit
    Ycbcr444 8bit
    Ycbcr420 10bit(only available under 4K50/60Hz)
    Ycbcr420 8bit(only available under 4K50/60Hz)

    Please try every setting one by one, and find the best setting for your equipment.

    2、In case of HDMI 2.0 specification and equipment limited, which will be only supported Ycbcr420 with 4K@50/60Hz, no options for other setting.

    if your TV suport 1080P, please choose RGB444 10bit / Ycbcr444 10bit
    if your TV support 4K 24/25/30Hz,please choose Ycbcr422
    if your TV support 4K 50/60Hz,please choose Ycbcr420 10bit,but most of them support Ycbcr420 8bit;

    All above info is the suggestions from our manufacturer, please try and get the best setting based on your equipments.
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    this will be useful for many here; maybe @OlivierQC and @E_CS could add something ?
  3. For my lg oled e6 i use 420 10bit for best experience

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