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Discussion in 'Functions Operation Guidance' started by Jasurek, Dec 18, 2017.

  1. Jasurek

    Jasurek New Member

    I need usb drivers to my net worked media tank. It didnt work with my computer. Computer didnt recognized my media tank. Someone who will help me with this problem? Thanks
  2. Jean-Michel

    Jean-Michel New Member

    Je viens de recevoir mon A10 et à la connexion wifi sur internet, il bascule sur le nouveau firmware 1266, je lance le téléchargement et cela n'aboutit pas, plus sur votre site, il n'y a que le 1256, c 'est incohérent, que faire. De plus sur la notice technique, il n'y a rien sur les fonctions de gestion des fichiers, il faut tout deviner. Je viens de m'apercevoir qu'il est impossible d'avoir en même temps la connexion ethernet et la connexion wifi, il faut choisir l'une ou l'autre. Comment optimiser la connexion ethernet pour la transmission des fichiers 4K, je filme en 4K, je monte les films sur mon PC et transmet en wifi sur le A10, c'est trop long le débit est trop faible.
    Merci pour votre réponse
  3. Gaara80

    Gaara80 Member

    Hi, I have connected the a11 to the network (i have a wd hdd 6tb into it) with a router that have gigabit port. Form the iMac i see the egreat in network but if i trasfer a 38gb file from mac (that have gigabit port of course) to egreat it is very slow like 50minutes and this is impossible because i have a gigabit router and mac. Does the egreat have a bug in the ethernet???
  4. KT. NGO

    KT. NGO New Member

    Egreat a10 also does not allow connect direct to PC through usb 2.0/3.0 port for the INternal HDD, Which is also a huge disadvantage and wasting a lot of time for transferring large size file through network - I hope they have solution for this in future.
  5. Jean-Michel

    Jean-Michel New Member

    La seule solution est une connexion ethernet par câble directe et prises RJ45, mais sur le PC, l'adresse IP change chaque fois que l'on bascule de Wi-Fi / Ethernet, on cherche mais il nous faut de l'aide SVP !!!!!.
  6. KT. NGO

    KT. NGO New Member

    Sorry, i could not understand 100% from your Reply, but i have tried sent a 4k movie through nfs, it took 1 hr for 15%. Of course you can say depending on your network speeds. However i do not think it is the best way to transfer a file. As a hd 4k box. It should allow me to connect directly through usb 3.0/2.0 - it event worst than my old Tvix with the older technology. And i have made a research through Internet, it does not has an appropriate driver soft, which should be issued by the manufacturer as well - hope they will have a better software update for this in future

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