Very slow WIFI (both in 5G and 2.4G)

Discussion in 'A10 Enthusiast 4K HDR Blu-ray HDD Media Player.' started by Cavia, Nov 16, 2018.

  1. Cavia

    Cavia New Member


    I've been observing the WIFI performances of my A10, and they are extremely slow. To give you an idea, I get 6Mbps in Download and (for some reason) 80Mbps in upload.

    Both the antenna are correctly connected, bluetooth is deactivated and the firmware is the last one (, installed and factory reset.

    I've also tried 2.4G connection but the speed is the same. I wonder if it is an hardware fault. Anyone experiences/solved similar problems?
  2. JayceOoi

    JayceOoi New Member

    Facing same wifi slowness issue too. Connected at maximum speed at first. Then dropped to 6Mbps for no reason. Help!!!
  3. briguy65

    briguy65 New Member

    Hey Jayce, you still have your A10. Your review of it was really helpful to me. I wish I could help you with the slowdown of the wifi, but I don't use it on my A10. I don't like seeing the antennae on top so I have a wired connection to my router with the A10. I'm sure someone can figure it out hopefully. I hope that otherwise you're still enjoying the A10.
  4. JayceOoi

    JayceOoi New Member

    Yes, A10 is my daily player that connected to projector. But this wifi issue does bother me some time. Can't use LAN here. Err...

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