VidOn can't play VC-1(WVC1) MKVs after latest update?

Discussion in 'A5 Professional 4K HDR Blu-ray HDD Media Player.' started by Woodpost, Dec 27, 2017.

  1. nenito2k

    nenito2k Well-Known Member

    @Sanjay "Proof? Really? And where sir is this proof?"

    a picture was posted many days ago...that is the only proof we got...and's word
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  2. E_CS

    E_CS Active Member

    I learn something from Google/Samsung/Nvidia/Apple device never wait for maybe bug fix if buggy situation can be avoided never know when f/w will come and if f/w will fixed.
    On all this 4 months did check if remuxing mkv to m2ts is solve yours problem?
    Is not take more then 30 minutes for remuxing from one mkv BD remux to one m2ts file and see if is play fine for you.

    Is look for me to be a MKV container problems and not VC-1 codec, VC-1 video play just fine for m2ts container for me and many other users reported on this forum.
  3. Woodpost

    Woodpost Member

    yes, we know it's only a problem with MKVs. and no, i'm not going to spend 100 hours converting all my VC-1 files to work around their bug.

    to be fair, if you google search "vc-1 mkv", it looks like this has been problematic for many players over the years, so it's probably not as easy to fix as we think. it's just frustrating that it was working perfectly fine on the egreat, and then broke, and they haven't given us any indication why it stopped working, or if/when we can expect a fix.
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  4. Sanjay

    Sanjay Member

    Other than of course the arduous task of having to first identify all the files with VC-1 and then convert them, there is also the issue of lack of support for chapters in m2ts files.

    PS: The work around for retaining chapters, is to remux the mkv file into an ISO using 'tsmuxer'
  5. Woodpost

    Woodpost Member

    still not working with the new release firmware. this is ridiculous. i haven't been able to play 20% of my collection for 5 months now. Egreat, you owe us an explanation. SAY SOMETHING.
  6. mattmarsden

    mattmarsden New Member

    Yes its a joke that this hasnt been fixed. Hopefully potential purchasers will read this forum and see the lack of feedback and support from the manufacturers.
  7. Woodpost

    Woodpost Member

    the specs for the product states it supports VC-1 in MKV format, and it initially provided this functionality. they've given us no indication that they intend to restore this feature that we paid for. i wonder if we have any recourse to get our money back?

  8. Eric The Viking

    Eric The Viking Active Member

    I think Egreat will get it sorted out in the end as they are so many public holidays etc Like Chinese New Year Tomb Cleaning Day ( We should do that in this country the state I have seen some of the Graves over and the state there are in ) and of course May Day Holidays which is longer than our one being China being a Communist state. All these are public Holidays and most try to get back to there local villages for all these events that can be many days journeys.and its not if they have a free choice as the New Year & May Day the most important to the Communist state I have been informed they will be back Wednesday. Do not forget to see there Family which maybe once a year or even there partner and children. And takes them days to get there in packed Trains I should know I have been there when it happens it is a nightmare I can tell you. So do not forget someone like Rita might be married with children or maybe not but she has family which she would like to see and this the only time she gets to see them. I think Egreat will get it sorted out in the end Just look at dune 4K and others who are having more problems than Egreat are having at the moment or even worse. BE PATIENT!! Us Egreat Crowd will be rewarded in the end :D Saw this on AV Forums:

    I have to say that the egreat seems like the best player for UHD - no frameskips and picture quality is definitely better than the Zidoo and Vero which I would say are about equal in PQ. The egreat has been tested as having better PQ than the Oppo. I am saying this completely unbiased as I own a Zidoo X9s and Vero 4K. The stutters really irritated me on the Zidoo."
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  9. nenito2k

    nenito2k Well-Known Member

    @Eric The Viking a while back you also lost hope, seems you are back in the egreat train lol ! but yes many zidoo owners are desperate friom what i hope is that egreart will start focusing on MAJOR bugs once android 7 comes out...maybe just maybe..R&D did not want to waste time and fix those issues and then break them again with new OS....
    At least that is what i want to tell myself :confused:
  10. mattmarsden

    mattmarsden New Member

    It has to be said that the egreat PQ is definitely the best of the bunch - maybe even the best that can be achieved with UHD full stop. There are so many things I love about the egreat which is why I keep coming back to it, if they could just sort this bug out and the dolby atmos problem with certain titles it would be perfect.
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  11. Eric The Viking

    Eric The Viking Active Member

    Yes I am back fully converted now Hallelujah!! Praise the Egreat :rolleyes:Do not let us all down Egreat
  12. Woodpost

    Woodpost Member

    i'm just going to keep bumping this thread until egreat responds. this product is advertised to play VC-1 MKV files. they broke this functionality over 6 months ago, and have never given us an explanation. either fix it, or give us refunds.
  13. Karl

    Karl New Member

    I agree, I have only just bought an A11 and it is disappointing to discover this problem has been unresolved for so long.
    It is a bizare decision by Egreat to concentrate efforts on a new music player when they are not meeting their basic specifications. If it is not solved when Android 7 is released and if Android 7 is not forthcoming as promised, I will have no choice but to return my unit for a refund.
    Luckily in the UK I am well protected by Consumers Protection Laws.

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