When adding a Network Share to Music it also appears in Photo and All Files

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  1. Karl

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    On the home page when adding a Network share to Photo or Music functions it appears in both and also in All Files.

    I have my Photo’s stored on my NAS in a root directory called photo. If I add this as a share to the Photo function it also appears as a share in the Music and All Files function.
    If I remove the photo share from any function it is removed from all 3 functions.
    The same occurs if I add my music directory to the Music function it appears in the Photo and All Files function.

    I don’t know if this was happening on earlier F/W.

    Can anyone explain why this happens, is it a naming issue or a bug.
    Any help appreciated, Thanks.
  2. E_CS

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    This a way how is implemented for Video, Photo, Music, All Files to share a same mount points. For Photo, Music are just apply extension filters and Video use Poster 1.0.
    Start with f/w v1.2.0.0 when Poster 2.0 is implemented Video have his own path library.
  3. Karl

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    Thanks for your reply.

    It would be better if each function had their own paths similar to the Video function, what is the point of having seperate functions if they all contain the same shortcuts?
    There must be a better way of structuring the UI than this.....
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