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Any firmware update for EG-M31B ?
hi ,in our website www.egreatworld.com , at Lower Right Corner there hava an "Entrance to the old site",you can go there to download FW.
Hello all, i'm trying to connect a D-Link DWA-140 (wireless N usb adapter) to EGREAT EG-R1 but it doesn't seem to work. The light of the wifi adapter does not even light up. Whereas when I'm connecting this wifi adapter to my computer it works ok. Are there any known issues of this specific wifi adapter with EGREAT EG-R1? Can you help me solve this problem? Until now I upgraded with the new firmware (version 2010-11-09 update) and still no result.
HI, you can use the WIFI type of NW360.
recently bought L1050 . Shows no video when connected to AV in [only audio is there] I have loaded beta version firmware.

hello,you can updata the new fireware our website .

Hello, I have an A1080 with 408_beta firmware. I would like to upgrade to the latest 1106 firmware, but I am afraid if something does not work I cannot go back to 408. Could you please give me a link to download the 408_beta firmware so I can flash back to it if I need to? My email address is piersf@web.de. Thank you in advance! Best Regards, Piers Freeman 
does L1050 has audio 5.1 channel out
yes,it can ,also hava 7.1 audio.thks
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